Waterworks is the leading luxury brand for the bath and kitchen with a product assortment that offers the complete experience from faucets and tubs to towels and apothocary. For over three decades, Waterworks has transformed the world’s finest residential and commercial properties through an absolute commitment to design authenticity, innovation and quality.  All Waterworks products incorporate the highest quality materials, craftsmanship and engineering to create distinguished designs of lasting value, beauty and integrity. Waterworks is regarded as the leading design resource for the bath and kitchen. Our clients include architects, designers, contractors, decorators, commercial property developers and homeowners. We have evolved into a multi-channel business to target the specific needs of each client group.

Waterworks products are currently sold through 13 company flagships, a commercial sales force, direct catalog, internet orders, boutiques, wholesale partners and licensing. The expansion of third party distribution and international growth are two of the strategies which will receive major attention in the coming months in this fast-paced company. 


Waterworks creates unparalleled products with a commitment to
craftsmanship on every level, from designing product, to selecting the highest
quality materials, to utilizing artisanal factories with generations of


We work with in-house designers and prestigious collaborators across a
range of inspirations, from Edwardian elegance to organic beauty, to create a
product assortment that comfortably meets the needs of our clients while
continually pushing the aesthetic envelope. In our quest for the complete bath
experience, every detail and every facet is lovingly considered. Our focus on
design translates into a world of products that you can be certain are first in
terms of integrity, innovation, and style.


All of our materials are finest in their class. Our fixtures represent a
state-of-the-art understanding of both traditional and contemporary materials
such as cast iron, copper, porcelain, vitreous china, marble and acrylic. Within
our Surfaces assortment, you’ll find glass made exclusively for us on the
Venetian island of Murano alongside ceramic tile produced in southern
California, where the climate allows for perfect bisque drying conditions. Rich
mahogany and maple woods distinguish our line of Bath Furniture. Even our
Furnishings, including Egyptian cotton towels and black walnut containers, are
made from superior elements. Every material is carefully selected to ensure they
are superior in every way.


We pride ourselves on utilizing artisanal factories and workshops that
have a multi-generational family expertise in the manufacture of fixtures and
fittings. We work with several factories in Normandy, France, a region known for
centuries for its fine production of faucetry and decorative hardware. In this
region, spouts are cast by hand, handles and escutcheons are “forged” for an
elevated level of detail and precision, and hand polishing has been made into a
high art. Our Bath Furniture is produced in the U.S. by master cabinetmakers
using 18th-century French polishing techniques. In every product we make, the
mode of manufacture is carefully controlled – whether it’s a hand cut mosaic
tesserae or a cotton-linen towel to satisfy the most demanding tastes while
enduring constant use.